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Lady with Blue Cat

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Lady with Blue Cat

Correctly depicting equine structure, even when it's in a loose, modern style, may be my passion, but I also love to sketch people; such as this reclining woman, holding her "blue" cat'. She's resting against a wall, as if she's finally succumbed to the entreaties of her sweet, purring cat. We have a long haired, grey kitty in our home, that was a very happy model for my small painting. I've added a vase full of flowers, just because I wanted to play with more colors.

Currently, my acrylic painting, "Lady with Blue Cat" is available, and I've started on several other figurative acrylic works, as well. I especially enjoy depicting colorful fabrics, and diverse cultural scenes. Because of my interest in fabrics and patterns, I love including interesting fashions and designs in each scene, sometimes, even adding actual portrions of fabric. Stay tuned!