Stacey Mayer


Everett, WA


Stacey's art is instantly recognized all over the world. Contemporary sculptures, drawings, acrylic, and digital paintings, are favorites on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest by her admirers everywhere.

Current Announcements;

While Stacey's daughters were young, she participated in the Fred Oldfield Western Art Shows with other Seattle area western artists. Then, in 1996, she posted her drawings online as Stacey's Free Online Horse Coloring Pages on, Thousands of young artists grew up learning to draw from Stacey's coloring pages.

Illustrator for the Arabian Horse Registry of America; Arabian, and Morgan horse art and sculptures for The Pacific Morgan Horse Show, The Egyptian Arabian Horse Event West, and works in private collections. Your inquiry invited.



A Gift for Zeina by Stacey Mayer


Call of Eternal Spring by Stacey Mayer


Appaloosa Rose Petals Horse by Stacey Mayer


Horse in Extended Trot by Stacey Mayer


Arabian Stallion Talk by Stacey Mayer


Arabian Peacock Feather by Stacey Mayer


Horse Racing in Fast Colors by Stacey Mayer


Running Horse by Stacey Mayer


Pretty Filly's Ears by Stacey Mayer


Arabian Horse Trotting in Air by Stacey Mayer


Staceys Arabian Horse by Stacey Mayer


Arabian Horse Overlook by Stacey Mayer


Three Horses Talking by Stacey Mayer


Young Horses Playing by Stacey Mayer


Prancing Arabian Horse by Stacey Mayer


Arabian Sunset Horses by Stacey Mayer


Arabian in Blue by Stacey Mayer


Arabian Horse by Stacey Mayer