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Stacey Mayer ArtMasks

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Stacey Mayer ArtMasks

Our family is staying home and being careful, probably just like yours. We're taking Benjamin for little walks to be sure we’re all getting enough sunshine. He was hyper-alert to our local playground equipment displaying caution tape as we walked by, and some of our neighbors wearing masks.

As you may know if you've been following us, our four year old grandson has Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, (PAH), and Ben has frequently been in the hospital. He's familiar with masks.

I felt him clutch my hand tightly, and stop in his tracks, as we watched our neighbor go by with a mask covering her face. He continued to watch her as she passed out of sight with her little dog beside her. What must he be thinking?

It would help if we could see more friendly masks that communicated “happy thoughts”. The caregivers at Seattle Children’s pay special attention to how their apparel looks to the kids. Something cheerful, in bright, pretty colors and themes are found everywhere at Seattle Children’s.
Working on a new design late into the night, suddenly, something new appeared at Fine Art America; the option to put my artwork on masks. It was a brand new product they’d been working on for just this moment.

My artwork is sure child friendly, and kids naturally react with smiles. This was just what I was looking for! More than just tee-shirts and coffee mugs, now my dancing horses, lively and colorful animals can go on masks!

Thank-you to Fine Art America for helping our artistic community’s desire to share our beautiful drawings and paintings in this unique way during the 2020 COVID19 crisis.

Benjamin says he likes my horses with bright colors, best.