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Prancing Arabian Horse

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Prancing Arabian Horse

In between checking my Facebook pages, or by email, I'm always drawing or painting something. Lately, that means I'm playing around with the "Harmony" art and drawing tool in my chrome browser. It's proven to be my sketching tool of choice, as it's easily able to capture my fastest sketches and add marvelous effects that would otherwise take me hours to add.

I'm not sure if I like the shadow or the web brush better. I think all of the tool options are amazing. I even used the "square" tool to add a Bedouin tassel or two to one of my Arabian horse sketches. It turned out wonderfully! This small, Chrome add-on is a blast to play with.

After attending the Picasso exhibit in Seattle, I was hoping to be able to create new, and less "tight" artworks. The Harmony tool has certainly enabled me to work on loose and flowing lines in ways I'd not thought of before. I hope you try it out and post your experiences.

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